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TGIF: Quirks of the Job

Does your office have quirks? These are not to be confused with “perks” of the job, e.g., weekly cupcakes or summer Fridays. No, I recently asked friends and colleagues to help me come up with some unusual – yet positive- aspects that make their office unique — the “quirks” of your job. Ideally, these things endear you to your colleagues and engender increased loyalty to the company.

At our office, this has included a fondness for Japanese fighting fish, or bettas. The betta tradition started with our first office move because fish are symbols of prosperity according to feng shui. Most of us have one as an office pet, so they’re a little like mascots. We like them so much we had a videographer photograph one to feature on our website. Caring for the fish has definitely been a “bonding” experience and is surely something you don’t find in every workplace!

Here are some examples of quirks from offices around the country.

If the shoe fits
Four women I know who shared an office in LA, engaged in a regular shoe swap. They all wore the same size and their tastes were similar. They found the exercise fun and economical and also regularly contributed some “shoe savings” to a local charity.

Just for the health of it
The president of a real estate firm will buy his employees lunch – every day – if they agree to eat the way he does. Now this is not to impose a totalitarian state, but to encourage a “no burgers and fries” healthier lifestyle for his staff.

Here’s looking at you, kid
A party goods firm put a new twist on the familiar staff photos that adorn many office hallways. From the owners on down, only baby pictures are featured! Humorous and fun, customers love it and we’re talking about parties and socializing, so it’s very industry-appropriate!

Experts agree that any effort to allow employees to engage with each other or express themselves in a non-traditional way encourages greater camaraderie and productivity and helps reduce stress.

We are all for that! Any quirks of your job you’d like to share?

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