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Tuesday Tips: “Reel” Life Help in the Workaday World

Next time you watch a movie, enjoy it not just for its entertainment value, but its “teachable moments” which can often translate nicely to the workplace.

Selective stalking: Don’t think your next big client is at your cousin’s brother-in-law’s boring wedding? Think again. Weddings and parties are great networking opportunities as Melanie Griffith famously found out when she crashed the wedding in “Working Girl” purposely to chat up the father-of-the-bride. You never know where an encounter may lead.

    The impromptu focus group: If you ever want to garner real consumer opinions about a product or service on which you are working. Take it out for a spin and see what kind of “real people” comments you get. This approach certainly helped Diane Keaton design and refine her wildly successful baby food line in “Baby Boom”.

      How to present: Presenting is like acting – you must command the room, know your stuff and your audience. In Hancock, Jason Bateman is so terrific as an earnest pr agency type; you will buy what he is selling!

        Soak it up like a sponge: No one does a better job of sizing up her surroundings, her boss, her co-workers and the job itself than Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. If you only retain one scene let it be the ritzy gala where she must help her evil boss, played by Meryl Streep, properly recognize and greet a who’s who list of attendees. Lessons abound!

          What NOT to do: For a round-up of bad office behavior, subterfuge, sabotage and ugly underhandedness (some even inspired by the devil himself) may I recommend the following: Wall Street, Disclosure, The Devil’s Advocate.

            Watch and learn! But please remember, these are JUST movies and real life usually isn’t as easy as chumming with the father of the bride or memorizing names and faces.  So, the next time you sit down with a flick think of how it can inspire you.  Any favorite films you recommend for their life lessons?

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