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Tuesday Tips: Know Your Role Within The PR Whole

In the PR agency business, we thrive on collaboration. Days are filled with brainstorms, weekly meetings, client calls, and pitch planning.  But it’s often the work that we do by ourselves that can be most important.

So, how to we keep productivity levels high when working independently? Here are some ideas:

Divide and conquer – Think about how the account can be split into different jobs. What can be done so the account processes run smoother?  Who should be the go to person for normal day-to-day client questions or administrative tasks? Divide these jobs and make sure everyone knows their responsibilities.

Define your duties – This may seem simple, but lines are regularly blurred in agency life. Hold a team meeting where each person writes out his or her responsibilities.  It will be a great way to get rid of any confusion when it comes to account duties and make sure that no tasks are left undone.

Put it in writing – Once those duties have been defined, put it in writing! By confirming and writing down all major contacts, steps to take and individual tasks it will help create less room for error.  Having this information in writing becomes a great resource when you get new team members or want to change old practices.

Don’t doubt yourself – Sometimes after we’ve been doing tasks for a while, we’d like to do more, try something else or even change up the way we tackle our to-dos.  It doesn’t hurt to ask! If you feel comfortable taking on more work or just have ideas for the account, ask for a meeting and don’t doubt your viewpoint. Voicing your ideas may be the step you need to take to secure a new role for yourself.

What are some of the ways you make sure everyone knows their place at your agency or office?

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