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Tuesday Tips: “Labor Days”: What Does A NY PR Firm Workday Look Like?

I’ve been asked this question time and time again. By friends and family who don’t quite know what PR is, and during interviews, when the prospective employee is wondering what they can expect if they join our agency. While every day is different (and really, that’s what I love about this job), there are a few tasks that every good PR practitioner will do each and every single day. 

As PR agency pros, we must be experts in multi-tasking. Prioritizing is key, but the ability to handle multiple accounts and job tasks is what agency life is really about.

Here are the things I’m doing every day at Crenshaw Communications:

Read the news! I guess we call it monitoring, but really – – read everything you have time to get your hands on. Cover not only your assigned client-related beats, but industry news, competitive developments, and your personal interests. This will help you develop story ideas, and ultimately learn the media that you are pitching. Which brings me to…

Media, media, media. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, our clients are paying us to get them in the papers, magazines, blogs, etc. If you aren’t picking up the phone and calling reporters, you should be emailing them to start a relationship, reading their stories, and figuring out your next move to get your client a great story.

The bread and butter – media lists. A painful process at times, but one of the most important things we do in public relations is maintaining contact lists. This is one job that’s never done, as reporters change beats, producers come and go, and blogs rise and fall.

Brainstorming! Whether with just a few team members, or making it an agency-wide meeting, creative sessions help us think of the next big idea for our clients.

Communication. In its simplest form, it’s important to communicate daily with your team members, supervisors and clients so that everyone is on the same page when it comes deliverables and goals. At the end, we all have our eyes on the same prize.

 Did I miss anything that you do every day at your PR firm?

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