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Tuesday Tips: Make the Most of Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is crucial, since agencies must provide most recent and relevant news to their clients. It allows speedy responses for any crisis or unfavorable situation, provides insight into consumer and influencer thinking, and creates new contacts and relationships. For example, by learning that editor Nola Weinstein of was a fan of 20×200 prints from one of her blog posts, we were able to work together to provide print options for their holiday gift guide!

Here are the top ways we conduct successful monitoring for our clients:

Google. It may be basic, but it still works. Develop a set of key terms related to your client and do quick searches on Google within the past 24 hours or past week.
Tip: Looking under the News and Blogs tabs only may result in missed articles, so be sure to check out “Everything.”

Check industry-focused sites. Are there certain online trades that have covered your client before? Client mention may be hiding in a slideshow or a small mention in a bigger article. You don’t want to miss coverage in a top-tier, influential outlet!
Tip: Jot specific media down and check their archives individually.

Keep track of upcoming placements. Did you secure a blog post, or a calendar listing? Make sure you have a grid with anticipated placements as a self-reminder and when the day comes, go search for them and present them to your client.
Tip: Aside from being the first one to present the hit, this gives you a “heads-up” if the article is delayed. Follow up with the editor to make sure it will still run!

Create concise reports. Whether it’s a daily, weekly or even monthly report, make sure you present your clients with an easy-to-grasp report of all hits with links, titles, outlet names, date and perhaps a small summary. Also, record hits as you find them so you don’t forget.
Tip: Links can become dead after a certain amount of time so make sure you take screen grabs of all your successful coverage!

Always alert your client. If there is any alarming news regarding the company or its products, the industry, or competitors, it’s best to alert your client so you can help them respond properly.
Tip: Include your recommendation along with the news so they know the best way to respond or prepare.

Do you provide monitoring for your clients? If so, what are your most efficient monitoring tricks?

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