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Tuesday Tips: Most Apt Apps

The best part about a smartphone, for me, is apps.  Creativity, productivity, entertainment: they fill a variety of roles.  For the latest in app news, check out Mashable’s App round-ups, Top 25 lists, and the recommendations of friends and colleagues. Here are some that I currently can’t live without:

If you enjoy photography, there are plenty of great choices available. Two of the best, and most popular, are Hipstamatic and Instagram. I love the toy-camera appearance of Hipstamatic pictures and use the online Field Guide wiki for new ways to enjoy the program.  Instagram is more of a community affair;  you can follow others for inspiration or just entertainment.  Some of the folks I follow are bbyrd, drewbeck and jamie oliver.

Flipboard is a great way to get news quickly.  If you have five minutes to spare while waiting at an airport check-in line, you can just check out what’s happening.  If you have more time (say, if your flight is delayed!) you can read feature-length articles about a wide variety of subjects, like business, technology or design.  The GUI is very appealing as well, and probably a big chunk of the reason I use Flipboard more than apps from The New York Times or CNN.

For those iPhone users obsessed (like me) with improving your device’s battery life, Boost Magic is very helpful and will let you fine-tune your settings to get the most out of your charge.  This is especially useful when you’re on the road and can’t charge your phone as often as you’d like.

And, if you have cats, Games for Cats is spectacular.  Very simple, and very funny.  Just open the game, put your tablet down on the floor, and watch the antics.  One of my cats scored 600 points this morning!

Finally, AppGrooves is an app that tells you how to find…apps!  Just register, vote on your favorites, and you’ll get suggestions tailored to your taste.  How do you keep your smartphone busy?  List your favorite apps here!

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