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Tuesday Tips: Post-Event Events

Those running in the ING New York City Marathon this year had to prepare mentally and physically for race day, including eating the right food, training effectively, and developing the strength to last 26.2 miles! Training doesn’t end once they cross the finish line, though. Strategies for post-marathon training abound.

Similar to the Marathon, media events require detailed preparation and logistics planning to ensure flawless execution and a hypothetical “cheering crowd” on your side when you cross the finish line. A successful event does not end there. Ensure lasting and future results with the following:

Create a foolproof checklist. Chock-full of pre-, on-site and post-event to-dos. After each event, update this tight, detailed plan to keep it current. Use the document as a tool to help sell in event expertise to the next client.

Follow up early and often. With those who attended and those who did not. Send thank you emails; offer up expert interviews and post-event photos. Calendarize other follow-up opportunities so you have relevant reasons for staying in touch.

Demonstrate real value to the client. Provide meaningful recaps and reports for your clients which document not only the number of RSVPs and attendees but the quality of the interactions: who spoke to whom, social media engagement, etc. Keep a running report on post-event coverage that can be tied directly to agency efforts– i.e. 15 stories were developed due to the event.

Discuss and develop key learnings. Evaluate with your team what worked and what needed to be improved. Add to your event checklist to help plan for the future.

How do you ensure your events work hard even after they’re done?

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