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Tuesday Tips: Successful Working Ways for Lazy Summer Days

It’s easy to start dreaming about picnics on the beach when you should be focusing on work.  Here are a few tips to keep from falling into the lazy summer routine.

Overall, the best way to do this is to change up your routine:

Start your day earlier. Try to wake up an hour earlier and begin the day with a walk or a jog. Getting a jump on the day, (after a good night’s sleep of course) and with a bit of exercise under your belt will make you more productive and less likely to slog through the first hours of a busy day.

Tackle your most arduous task first. Whether it’s follow-up on PR pitches, invoicing or client reports – seriously, don’t even check e-mail til its done! There’s always the urge to dive into email (or Facebook or some other distraction, but resist.) Let it be your reward for completing the first task on your list.

Apply The 20% Rule. How to stay motivated when you are feeling anything but begins by noticing when you first feel a strong urge to give up on a project. You then commit to go 20% further before taking a break, sure it’s all in your head but it works wonders and helps smooth over temporary feelings of laziness to build that internal discipline!

Schedule plans for after work: Who doesn’t love something to look forward to when they leave work?  Plan to network with potential PR contacts or socialize with friends.  Knowing that you have scheduled cocktails or dinner will surely keep you motivated to get work done during the day.

What do you do to keep from falling into lazy summer days?

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