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Tuesday Tips: Take a Deep Breath: Tips For Tackling Stress at Work


In the PR world – just as in many other industries – we are often asked to take on challenging new responsibilities or projects that we haven’t done before. While PR projects aren’t life-or-death matters, these assignments often seem daunting. Whether you’re working on a new product or dealing with a hairy crisis, here are some ways to keep cool when you’re stressed at work:

1. Have a plan. You can’t make a cake without a recipe! Figure out what needs to be done – and in what order – to complete your task, and write it out. You’ll find that by putting pen to paper (or cursor to screen), you can better visualize the scope of your project and reduce the risk of missing a step.

2.  Delegate. This is what teammates are for! Slice and dice the assignment and give people manageable tasks in areas where they’ve shown strength. Give encouragement and praise and the benefits will be enormous.

3. Take breaks and breathe. Whether you go out for lunch or run out to grab a quick cup of coffee (Starbucks always helps me), don’t forget to stop every once in a while. By taking your mind off things, you’ll usually find that you come back to your project with a new creative take or at least a clear head. If you can’t get away from your desk, try some office yoga positions!

4. Think outside the office. If you get stuck along the way or are unsure of anything, don’t be afraid to ask friends or family in other industries. That fresh perspective may be just what you need to conquer your challenge.

5. Laugh. If all else fails, head to YouTube or your favorite blog. Laughter reduces stress and will help clear your head.

What helps you take on a new challenge or project at work? Let me know below!

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