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TGIF: Words of Wisdom for 2012

It is taxing and unrealistic to set a whole list of business resolutions to attain each year, so I am recommending just one for the entire PR industry. Resolve to evolve…language-wise.

Every year pundits put together a list of words PR pros use and the media view with disdain. So, here is my realistic resolution challenge to us all. Make better, more accurate word choices. Strive to describe companies, products and news more creatively and fluently. For inspiration, read some thoughtful film or literary criticism and see the powerful ways these writers find to paint pictures for their audience.

And, banish these empty and hackneyed words and phrases! (Those the press find particularly dated and painful are in bold).

• best-of-breed
• customer-centric
• cutting edge
• end-to-end
• epic
• excited
• first mover
• flexible
• innovate
• leader
• leading
• leading edge
• leading provider
• leverage
• market leading
• mission critical
• new and improved
• new paradigm
• next generation
• outside the box
• robust
• scalable
• seamless
• solutions
• state-of-the-art
• synergy
• thrilled
• turnkey
• unique
• value-add
• well-positioned
• world class

Any treasured favorites you’d like to add? Happy New Year!

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