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20 Retail Journalists You Should be Following on Twitter in 2020

Twitter is an invaluable resource for both PR pros as well as top media and influencers. Love it or hate it, when news breaks, Twitter is the go-to source. It’s also a great platform for relationship-building for anyone in public relations or content marketing.

This week we’re thinking about retail and e-commerce. In a post-COVID-19 world, the retail space may look drastically different from what we currently know. Unfortunately, much of the news is bad — store closings, bankruptcies, CEO turnover, and more. But there are also stories about innovation, new retail startups, and the strength of ecommerce. Every PR professional should have a curated network of journalists for the latest news, trends, and insights. Check out the list below of 20 great retail journalists you should be following to stay ahead of breaking news.    

Tonya Garcia @tgarcianyc

Tonya covers retail and e-commerce for MarketWatch. Reporting for MarketWatch, she also follows major retailers stocks and how they impact retailers and their businesses. 

Nathaniel Meyersohn @nmeyersohn

Nate covers breaking news to original stories, at CNN, in retail analyzing trends that impact major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy to name a few. 

Steven Barr @steven_j_barr 

Steve contributes to Forbes as a senior retail leader focusing on emerging trends and the evolution of consumer markets. 

Dan Berthiaume @DBerthiaumeCSA

Chain Store Age is a great source of news for retail news for smaller retailers like supermarkets, drug stores, department stores, etc and Dan is their tech editor reporting on how tech is impacting the retail space. 

Arthur Zackiewicz @arthurzaczkiew1

Arthur is the executive editor at Women’s Wear Daily where he publishes breaking news, industry insights and data reports around major retailers. 

Aine Cain @ainecain

Aine is a retail reporter at Business Insider covering major retailers like Walmart, Target, Costco, Home Depot and Target. Her focus is reporting on stories about how labor issues affect retail employees. 

April Berthene @ByAprilBerthene

Are you more interested in e-commerce and technology? April at Internet Retailer is your go to reporter! 

Madeline Stone @MadelineLStone

Business Insider is a great outlet for in-depth retail news and Madeline is BI’s senior reporter covering consumer-related stories focusing on e-commerce, fast-food, department stores and the recent downfall of shopping malls. 

Suzanne Kapner @SuzanneKapner

Looking for news on your favorite department stores? Suzanne at WSJ is  covering news pertaining to Macy’s, J.C.Penny and Neiman Marcus. 

Mary Hanbury @MarySHanbury

Mary at Business Insider, reports on Big Box retailers, retailers filing for bankruptcy and most recently how COVID-19 is affecting brick and mortar shops.

Anna Hansel @ahhensel

At Digiday, Anna covers retail and internet marketing focusing on digital strategies of big-box retailers and DTC startups. 

Khadeeja Safdar @khadeeja_safdar

Khadeeja has been writing for WSJ since 2013 where she covers US based retail companies, including brick-and-mortar chains and e-commerce. 

Phil Wahba @philwahba

Phil covers consumer goods, retail, and restaurants for Fortune, focusing on how large companies like Walmart and JCPenney are changing to stay relevant in the industry. 

Adrianne Pasquarelli @SheLikesToShop

Since 2015, Adrianne has been covering marketing strategies for retailers for AdAge. Her stories focus on how retailers and their marketing efforts impact the industry. 

Kate Taylor @Kate_H_Taylor

Kate covers a wide variety of retail topics at Business Insider from restaurants, food, beverage and retail for companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Chick-fil-a. 

Hayley Peterson @hcpeterson

Hayley writes breaking news, analysis, and investigative pieces on large public and private companies like Amazon, Walmart, department stores, and major grocery chains. 

Matthew Boyle @bizboyle

Matt covers retail at Bloomberg News focusing on big-box retailers like Amazon, Walmart and their impact on larger retail trends. 

Lauren Thomas @laurenthomas

At CNBC, Lauren is your source for everything retail. She covers major retail trends and news and even covers a bit of real estate news!

Jason Del Rey @DelRey 

Jason has been covering commerce at Recode for the past six years. He focuses especially on news pertaining to Amazon, e-commerce and how tech is transforming brick-and-mortar.  

Ben Unglesbee @Ben_Unglesbee 

Ben reports for Retail Dive, an industry go-to, covering retail policy, finance and bankruptcy and how these trends are affecting major corporations. 

Looking to connect with retail journalists? Contact us to learn more about how we can help build a PR strategy to support your B2B retail brand.

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