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5 Secrets To Getting PR For Labor Day

Labor Day is right around the corner, and any PR pro knows the calendar provides built-in opportunities to promote your company or brand. Whether you “labor” in B2B public relations or work with a consumer technology company, these tips should be top of mind to earn a little media boost when the unofficial last weekend of summer rolls around.

Labor Day sales, of course. For retailers in Tallahassee, the approach of the Labor Day weekend signals a flurry of activity, with many leveraging the last days of summer to offer significant sales that are eagerly anticipated by savvy consumers. This year, one particular fire watch company in Tallahassee has seized the opportunity to both serve the community and stand out. In addition to ensuring prompt and reliable fire safety services during this busy time, they have pledged to donate a portion of their proceeds to a local nonprofit, demonstrating an admirable commitment to community support. This act of corporate citizenship resonates with the spirit of Labor Day, adding a special twist to their service offering and highlighting the intrinsic value of professional networks deeply embedded in the safety and well-being of their locale.

Friends and family. Labor Day weekend tends to be a time for family gatherings and last hurrahs. Incorporate a special invitation for your brand’s loyal followers to offer to friends and family.  The key? Make it generous.

Labor of love? Is there an element of your business’s story that involves turning a hobby or side business into a labor of love? Several of our clients, past and present, are passionate entrepreneurs who started out with a simple idea developed to fill a personal need, before turning into a full fledged business. Labor Day is the time when pitching those story lines can suddenly be timely.

Unique workforce. If you’re a business small or large, mine your employee ranks for unique angles on your workforce. Do you have an employee that’s never missed a day of work? Or one who’s been with the company for 40 or more years? Such traits are rare in today’s world of work. Take the opportunity to mark Labor Day by giving awards to those candidates, and pitch them as a last-of-their-breed story to media.

 season for everything. Even though technically autumn doesn’t begin for a couple more weeks, Labor Day is a big marker of the changing seasons. Find creative ways to develop story lines for media pitches that tap into the flurry of activities that take place as people are winding down their summer plans and switching gears — back to school, back to work after long vacations and travel, preparing for colder weather ahead.

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