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6 Ways To Leverage Your PR Wins

Whether you’re on the PR agency team or client side, a new business win or tremendous media placement is exciting. However, the work doesn’t end there – follow these tips to make the most of your successes!

Write a press release. This one’s a no-brainer. Share new business success with appropriate trade media, both within the PR industry and client’s industry, and boost your company’s SEO. Just keep it short and to the point, and dispense with the “empty” quote.

Blog about it. Share success with others and take it a step further by including a tipsheet that recaps the best practices that led to the win. This creates downloadable content for your site. Share the piece through all social channels to further recognition for your brand. If the win was a major media placement, share links as soon as possible on social media. Use applicable hashtags and tag others’ handles whenever possible to increase your reach.

Tell your story in a case study. Include this on your site and in all marketing materials, including your capabilities deck and relevant new business pitches. Focus on highlighting the factors contributing to the success, particularly if it’s applicable to other companies.

Use the news to reach out to potential new clients/customers. It’s a great “non-sales-y” reason to connect in a timely manner and gives you heightened credibility. You can use it as the opening intro for an email, or as a proof point of your capabilities, and even include a link to the case study. Just make sure you insert the win into your dialogue in a way that seems natural and humble.

Incorporate award logos when available. If the PR win is an award, include its official logo on your website in a prominent location (such as a sidebar or the home page). Consider a link to your press release or site announcement in your email signature.

Celebrate the news internally with staff and key stakeholders. Make them proud to be with your company! The more connected to the company they feel, the more likely they are to be loyal, motivated and passionate. A win for your brand is a win for everyone at the company.

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