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Invite A PR Person To Your Next Party

Our NYC PR team is fresh from executing a fun and well-attended media gathering that got us thinking about the elements of a successful event. Sure, you need the right food and venue, but PR people have certain subtleties nailed down. That’s  why you need to put PR people on your invite list, whatever event you might be planning.

PR people will make your party memorable.  It’s our stock-in-trade to deliver events that make an impact. We can word invitations just right, advise on what’s hot (or not) in decor, food and custom cocktails, and get the crowd posting on social media with the right hashtag. Social postings will help the event live on after everyone takes goodies home, and yes your cocktail soiree should have its own swag bag.

PRs can talk to anyone. Even in the digital age, successful PR relationships (or any relationships) are still best forged through conversation. A colleague mentioned the other day that a story she placed in a top women’s magazine would have never taken place if she hadn’t walked up to the writer at an event, introduced herself and struck up a meaningful conversation.

And, we can talk about anything. Most PR people have represented everything from automobiles to apps, so we tend to be well-read and knowledgeable. And, of course, to craft relevant pitches, it’s SOP to know what’s going on in politics, business and pop culture. Now, how can we segue from Serial’s new season to an exciting product introduction we have in the works? Trust a PR practitioner to find a way.

We’re good in an emergency. Caterer a no-show? Guest speaker forgot his slides? Many PR people live for moments like this! It is our super power to think of a creative solution and implement it on the spot. When our caterer was an hour late, we called a chef acquaintance (PR people have those in droves) and asked what could be whipped up in record speed.

We can get attention. If your guests are meandering or worse, starting to leave, trust a PR person to corral them back with a seductive preview of things to come, or through subtle one-on-one conversations designed to re-pique interest. We can read a crowd, and after years spent in the biz, we understand the currency of media and influencer attention, and how to earn it.
Best of all, most PR people are fearless. We’re just the type of person you want in good or tough times, because we’ve seen it all.

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