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One Habit Of Highly Successful People – Sleep

The days of bragging about how little sleep you need are so five minutes ago!
The benefits of 7-8 hours of sleep are now well-documented and include everything from increased productivity to weight loss. The real issue, especially for Type A PR people is how to get those restorative hours.

Fortunately, we work with Michael Breus, aka “The Sleep Doctor” who has a wealth of wisdom on the subject of snooze. Here are five tips you can incorporate into your life today to wake up healthier, happier and more alert tomorrow.

Take a walk at 4:00 – but not to Starbucks! Caffeine has an extraordinarily long half-life that can wreak major havoc with your system at sleep time, so cut the coffee, soda or tea by 2pm..

Make some “calming foods” for dinner – Complex carbs can help you “eat to sleep” incorporate whole grains, nuts, yogurt and protein in balanced recipes

Watch TV – Dr. Breus says it’s perfectly OK if TV viewing helps you drift off. Just set a timer.

Don’t look at your clock – If you are a restless sleeper who clock-watches to see how many hours til daybreak – STOP. Nothing will keep you awake longer than calculating the time you’ve got left to sleep

Let the light in – Natural sunlight is the best alarm clock. If you can fall asleep with your shades or curtains even a little bit open, the morning light will help ease you into wakefulness better than a loud alarm.

Please share your tips for sound sleep here.

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