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Blog Roll: Blogs I Read And Why

There’s no better way to wind down after a long week than to catch up on some reading – blog reading. Sure, I love a great magazine or newspaper, but blogs provide just enough content to keep me interested and they also help me with my job in Public Relations. Blogs have become a go-to source of information from different points of view unhindered by editorial boards or media policies, that’s why their perspective is often so fresh and different. Here are some of my favorite blogs to read and why:

NYC PR Girls
I largely attribute my choice to pursue a career in PR to this blog (in New York, nonetheless; nowhere else is PR so fast-paced). Aimed at young professionals, it offers tips on PR fundamentals, style, professional development and even guides to NYC. I find that I always pick up something new from this blog, it’s definitely a must-read for PR girls (and guys)!

Smart, Pretty and (less) Awkward
The concept is simple: Author Molly Ford includes a tip on how to be smarter, prettier and less awkward in every post, accompanied by a meaningful quote. Some tips include fun factoids, beauty quick-fixes, how to handle unusual social situations and organization pointers. Every so often Molly will even include coupon codes; always exciting. The blog posts are short, sweet and leave my day a little brighter; a definite pick-me-up!

Leah Diedrich’s mother taught her to always write thank you notes, so she does – to everything. From foods to cities, the good and the bad, Leah writes a handwritten thank you note to all of it. Some of it gets outlandish, but always heartwarming and sincere. Leah’s perspective reminds me to never take anything for granted and to think of everything as a learning experience. I also try and write handwritten thank you notes in my career whenever possible.

PR Newser
When it comes to industry news, PR Newser should be a bookmark on your browser. PR Newser blends pop culture, current events, jobs and relevant research findings into one entertaining blog. It’s a great way to catch up what’s going on that week without flipping through as many sources. Also, posting content about a wide range of PR, advertising and marketing firms gives readers the opportunities to peep into other careers—great for professional goal setting!

Are there any other blogs that get you through the day? Tell us about some of your favorites!

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