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If Santa Were More Social

Nowadays everyone is using social and digital media. And with so much to do before Christmas, I’m thinking that Santa could ease some stress and reinforce his personal brand by embracing digital technology. Here are a few ways for him to start:

Live Tweeting. Wouldn’t it be great to follow Santa’s every move on Twitter? Actually, there is a @santaclaus account, courtesy of NORAD. It has only about 5700 followers, so maybe Santa should start using the “list” feature a bit more shrewdly….naughty, nice, not sure, etc.

Foursquare Check-ins. Santa can create a virtual North Pole or Holiday Spirit check-in for the rest of us to log good deeds.  Or, S.C. might launch a holiday decorations photo contest among followers, seeing as he’s holding a pretty impressive prize package.

Facebook Polls. A quick Facebook survey can help pinpoint top gifts among the deserving, the better to guide his production plans.

GPS. Naturally, satellite technology has a role here. Avoiding storms can probably slice the Big Guy’s travel time in half.

Live blogging. Of course a platform like Tumblr would enable Santa to integrate the visual aspects of his big trip and share them in real time. I’m sure he could put his hands on the right smartphone for the job.

Email still works. We could use more regular holiday updates on the year’s news, or maybe a sneak peek on how Santa will spend a post-Christmas vacation. And there are so many story ideas that can be pitched via email, like, like a New Year’s resolution to slim down, or becoming more eco-friendly with a solar-powered sleigh.

Online Shopping. Can’t leave this one out. A cross-promotion with Amazon can save the elves a lot of work!

Happy Holidays!

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