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PR Pros, Know Your Media

So you call yourself a PR whiz. And, no doubt you’ve hit upon some winning strategies, crafted some clever messaging and delivered a hard-working plan. But, now, it’s time to deliver, so ask yourself – how well do you (or the staffers actually implementing media relations) actually know your media?

Because today’s “media” is as much mobile apps as it is TV, movies, music and video games, it’s easy to forget about what some might consider “yesterday’s news.” That’s the stuff proffered by industry verticals, newspapers, talk radio and the morning shows.

But have you compiled a clip report for a client lately? Most still look for a healthy serving of media results in those categories, and you would be doing a disservice to dismiss the importance of traditional – actually “tradigital” media.

Herewith, then I submit to you a lighthearted “Know Your Media” quiz so you can test your skills. No worries, it will not be graded!

1. In the New York area, you can actually listen to two different journalists with the first name of Kai. One reports for a national financial program, where, were he to interview your client, it would be a major media score. The other “flies high,” but most likely won’t be covering anything you offer. Name one or both of these reporters (extra credit for naming outlets!)

2. “Access Hollywood” has an affable co-host whose softball style makes a great interview for the right kind of client. He’s related to a former president, a correspondent for a national morning show, and a model/actress. Name this example of serious entertainment nepotism.

3. We all love to read Gawker, that punishing overlord of ‘snarky snark” but heaven knows we don’t want a client in the column. Name the editor whose wrath we all want to avoid.

4. Jeff Zucker, the architect behind arguably the most popular morning show format today (and always coup-worthy when placing a client) is being tapped to revive a challenged, yet still formidable, all-news channel. What is it? For extra credit name a reporter who has left and one who remains.

5. “Oh, don’t bother with The New York Times,” says… NO CLIENT EVER! The Times remains “all the news that’s fit to print,” and we want some coverage there! Here is your challenge; you have a stylish new tech product. Who’s beat is best – Damon Darlin or David Pogue? Discuss!

We would love to hear your responses as well as any interesting inclusions for our next round of “Know Your Media.” Answers will appear in next week’s “TGIF” blog if not by you!

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