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This Is Not A Grammar Error: Is Your PR Firm Doing Good?

As the east digs out of dueling storm systems, Veteran’s Day will be upon us, followed by Thanksgiving and the holiday season. Each provides a unique opportunity for PR companies (and all businesses) to dig deep and find ways to give.

It is often easiest to write a check, and in 2011 Americans did, to the tune of nearly 300 billion dollars. But we are in PR, people! This begs the question, what creative ways can we find to give of ourselves?


Providing a not-for-profit or other worthy organization with professionally written materials is the ideal way for PR pros to lend assistance. The benefits are multi-fold: the organization will benefit, your company will make some great contacts and future business could be in the offing!


Who better than the companies behind countless press conferences and special events? Put your heads together and think of a drive that you and other agencies can mount – supplies; food; clothing. Handle all the particulars from call for donations to delivery. Again, some great rewards will come your way; camaraderie and contact with agency brethren; the gratitude of those in need and credit for a terrific idea.


PR pros spend half their lives pitching media on clients – why not use those skills to promote the efforts of a cause you and your company are supporting? Your own heartfelt passion and spirit can be infectious (even with harried media types!)


Don’t know of an existing cause or organization that is a perfect fit for your company? Create one! Gather input from colleagues and come up with a cause and a donation platform that perfectly meshes with your company culture.

Got any other ideas on creative giving for PR pros? Let us know here.

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