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12 Signs It’s September At A PR Firm

1. Clients who haven’t pulled the trigger on anything now want it yesterday.

2. Media can longer pretend they’re on summer vacation.

3. Staff start to hint around about “Autumn Friday” early closings.

4. You suddenly panic about holiday programs.

5. All your pitches seem to contain sports metaphors.

6. You crave new notebooks and pens for meetings.

7. Flip flops are no longer office appropriate…if they ever were!

8. Fading tan lines are a trending topic on Twitter.

9. The office football pool begins to circulate.

10. No more iced coffee runs.

11. Your email box is filled with conference offers but all you really want is an invite to a Fashion Week party.

12. Fall TV schedules have arrived – which means fresh pop culture hooks and new reality “stars” for hire.

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