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The Hunt For A Job Is On!

With graduation season commencing (pun intended,) tens of thousands of graduates are looking for a job. The National Association of Colleges and Employers reported this year that the outlook is positive for college grads. However, everyone knows that doesn’t mean a job will be handed to you.
Aside from sprucing up your resume and doing some extra volunteer work, what are other ways to hone your hunting?

Research, research, research – So you found a perfect job and want to forward your cover letter and resume. Not so fast – look up the company first and do a little sleuthing.  Something as simple as determining precisely where the company is located helps tremendously in tailoring your cover letter (“I look forward to sampling the apple pie your city’s famous for”). Employers like knowing that you went the extra mile to get to know the company beforehand.

Talk amongst yourselves – Informal interviews are a great source for finding out more details about the position or industry in which you are interested.  Do you have friends at similar companies or friends of friends? Or parents of friends? Soak this information up like a sponge! People “in the biz” can give you a great overview of the environment that you can’t learn in an hour long class.

Accept rejections gracefully –No one likes rejection, but it’s bound to happen and not every job will be suitable for you. With each rejection, take time to understand why the job wasn’t for you; learn what mistakes you might have made and move on to the next application.

Networking = net worth! – Let’s say you didn’t get a job you interviewed for. Do not criticize the company and/or interviewer; instead form a professional relationship with them. This position may not have been the one for you, but down the road the company may come calling because you stayed in the their good graces.


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