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What (PR) Clients Say, And What They Really Mean

A skill that can be particularly important for PR agencies or any client service business is what’s known as “active listening.” What clients say isn’t always what they mean. At least, not entirely. There’s sometimes an unspoken communication beneath comments from clients and business associates – if you’re listening for it, that is.
We decided to have some fun with this notion through a cynical roundup of what clients really mean when they say seemingly ordinary things. Don’t take it too seriously.

When a client says:   Don’t spend too much time on it.

What they really mean is:   Don’t bill me, and whatever you do, don’t let anything else slip.

When a client says:   I’m confused.

What they really mean is:   You’re making no sense.

When a client says:   We’re looking for an agency to grow with us.

What they really mean is:   You will never make any money on this business.

When a client says:   This is a great opportunity for you.

What they really mean is:   This is a test.

When a client says:   I’m looking for a flexible team.

What they may mean is:   We’re hard to work with.

When a client says:  There’s no budget for this.

What they really mean is:  It’s not important to senior management.

When a client says:   We’re happy to reward great work.

What they really mean is:  We’re cheap.

When a client says:  Put on your creative hat.

What they mean is:  This project is probably impossible. Good luck!

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