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Let’s End The Year With Gratitude, PR Style

As we head into the final months of the year and get ready for 2020, public relations pros are looking back on the year and taking stock of what means most to us in our work lives. Here’s what the Crenshaw team was most thankful for in 2019.

“I’m thankful for ad tech.”
I’m thankful for ad tech. Even with consolidation in the market, ad tech PR has been a key growth opportunity for our business. We’ve consistently grown our ad tech PR practice, and today we support a wide range of innovative vendors. Our client roster (Verizon Media, DoubleVerify, Lotame, LiveIntent, etc.), and outcomes delivered have help establish Crenshaw as one of the top B2B tech PR firms and best ad tech agency in the country. And if you look at any Lumascape, it’s clear we have room to grow. Some of the most notable ad tech PR opportunities include businesses that specialize in native, video, CTV, OOH, social, and search. (If you’re an ad tech company seeking PR, email me at

“I’m grateful for my co-workers.”
Having a team of great co-workers makes coming into the office each day more enjoyable. Crenshaw’s company culture puts its employees in a position to form bonds with each other on a personal level. This closeness makes it easier for team members to work together to achieve a seamless workflow and better productivity. Great co-workers are critical to the company’s continued success.

“I’m thankful for a work environment that embraces diverse cultures.” 
PR is a very dynamic industry and with work becoming more global, the opportunities are endless. Having worked in different places like India and New York, my experience has taught me a great deal, and I’ll be forever grateful. Bringing the lessons learned from a different country to a brand-new place is challenging, but when a workplace embraces those ideas, you know you’re in the right place. At Crenshaw, we’re looking to go above and beyond for our clients. Having team members with varied backgrounds bringing in different ideas helps us do that.

“I’m happy about our open work environment” 
I’m thankful to work in a place with an open work environment. Working the way we do here helps me bounce ideas off my co-workers in a casual setting. In other offices I’ve worked at it was a more corporate setting with cubicles and there was little opportunity for sharing ideas. At Crenshaw, we’re all so comfortable with each other to shout out an idea or problem and have an open conversation. It also gives us a sense of community. Everyone is working towards the same goals (getting results for clients) and an open space allows for everyone to cheer each other on.

“I appreciate clients who genuinely care about PR and who value our work.” 
At Crenshaw we’re fortunate to have some amazing clients who really care not only about their company and employees, but also care about us! Because they understand the importance of PR and have seen the impact it can have on their business, they truly value our work and show their appreciation. Working with clients like these makes for stronger communication, more collaboration and lasting relationships.

“I’m thankful for a constantly changing news cycle
The constantly changing news cycle is one way that PR stays exciting. Waking up and reading the news for that day and seeing some stories screaming clients’ names keeps you on your toes.

“I love a diverse client roster”
A benefit of working at an agency is the diverse list of clients across different industries. It gives you the chance to learn more about how various business sectors operate and to deepen your expertise in each one. There’s a lot of “real world” value on topics ranging from retail and hiring trends to cybersecurity and gaming in the scope of a single conversation – whether it’s at work or in a more casual setting.

“I’m grateful for super-cool client executive thought leaders”
It’s always a challenge to win speaking engagements at big tech conferences for clients, but one thing that makes it easier is when the executive/founder has a strong point of view and isn’t shy about sharing it. Our client executives are the ‘real deal’ —  dynamic thinkers who have a passion to change the way things are, and can articulate a real vision for doing so. It’s great when a CEO or CMO is willing to speak out boldly about a hot topic. Executives like these truly put the “leader” in thought leadership!

“I’m thankful for constantly learning new things and no dull moments.”
Working in public relations comes with many responsibilities. From problem solving and creative thinking, to developing strategies and writing bylined articles, PR keeps you engaged. We learn time management and how to adapt to tasks as they come up. At Crenshaw, we also get to stay on top of industry trends, which helps us be inventive with our pitches and programs. It’s rewarding when your hard work and attention to detail generates media placements that result in happy clients!

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