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PR’s Top Tech Tools

Just when you thought you had all the public relations tech tools you need, fresh innovations come along. Technology never sleeps! Also, we may have been inspired by this piece about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in PR, including insights from our very own Chris Harihar.

Tech tools to improve PR performance

Nearly anyone in PR can embrace and incorporate cool new stuff that encompasses AI, machine learning and other tech tools of the trade to streamline, improve and increase output on behalf of clients.

Quill untaps the potential of your data
We know it’s all about the data. But your data is only of value if you can use it to plan and create better content or refine strategy. Quill transforms data into automated, human-sounding Intelligent Narratives that offer brand insights to improve every aspect of communication. The founders tout the software’s “data storytelling at machine scale” to add value to sharing intel – including product news, financial data or analytics. Quill lets you customize narratives by audience to get the best outcomes.

Radio Guest List – the HARO of audio!
Want to hear from producers and hosts of radio broadcasts and podcasts? This site sets up email alerts from those searching for experts on specific topics. PRs can then reach out to pitch  “thought leaders,” authors and other spokespeople to any number of shows looking for talent or topic-specific expertise. Just like HARO, (Help a Reporter Out), the service is free and requires a simple sign-up to receive daily email queries.

Talkwalker for realtime Newsjacking
There are quite a few players offering social listening, influencer management, campaign measurement, and other analytics designed to measure success and uncover opportunities using advanced AI. What we like about Talkwalker is its Newsjacking product. This service allows PR teams to discover what people are talking about now, using Talkwalker’s proprietary trending score feature. By monitoring “speed of sharing” of articles, tweets, images, video and more, savvy users can find the top stories on varying topics in minutes.  helps determine which content resonates best with an audience
So you and your team think you have mastered content creation that speaks to your target audience and incites action. Think again, you may need, a content marketing automation SaaS platform that uses AI to help grow traffic and lead generation through content. The service employs a unique dataset of over 35 million webpages to enable more and better content through research, curation technology, predictive insights and content marketing intelligence technology. Users include marketers who want to scale the volume of content they publish on their blogs, social media or newsletters. But founders look to evolve to unearth ways to generate measurable impact with content.

SelfMade digitally styles entrepreneurs and SMBs to help grow their brand on social media
Is your brand’s Instagram stalled at a few thousand followers? Are your images less than striking?  SelfMade lets you “be the creative director of your life” with packages that offer slick professional photo editing and social media support at an affordable budget. SelfMade boasts a team of digital stylists and experts in “brand aesthetics” who will take your images and edit to create a more winning digital “you” to help achieve business goals through thoughtful and creative use of social media. It was created with Instagram in mind but can be applied to any social platform. It’s a hot commodity, so there’s a waiting list. Jump on now.

Scoro manages all aspects of PR events
Whether it’s a fundraiser for a not-for-profit, a media launch party or a panel discussion, events make up a certain percentage of PR activity for every client.  And every event has a long list of to-dos ranging from budgeting to venue management and workload delegation. Scoro is one of a handful of digital event management tools designed to take some of the agita out of event management. It’s seamless system that begins with proposal building and takes your team all the way through pre-event, onsite and post-event tasks. Multiple teams can collaborate and customize events of any size.

Wakefield Research adds value to traditional PR surveys
This survey provider goes the extra mile in a couple of ways. They not only take your brief and turn it into questions that are most likely to return newsworthy results, they also provide a Pitch Guide. Consulting journalists and PR pros have helped the company create a guide that includes headlines, story angles and ideas for infographics that appeal to media. The company goes one step further, serving as support for the “life of the data,” proofing releases for data accuracy and even answering media questions.  Now, I’m not sure I’m ready to cede that much control to a third party, but those of us in PR are always open to new ideas, innovation and strategies that work.

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