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PR Campaigns Pop On Independence Day

The Fourth of July can bring a lull for many businesses, but for some, PR campaigns go into overdrive, peaking just before Independence Day.  Savvy PR agencies with clients in categories from grills to wearable technology know how to link their brands to the holiday honoring the founding of our country, seizing an opportunity to shine. Here are just a few examples of how.

Safety.  Summer accident campaigns kick into high gear around this holiday, and though you wouldn’t know if from the weather we’ve had in the Northeast, sun safety is a perennial news hook. The Skin Cancer Foundation, sunscreen sellers, and health organizations are well served to remind the public about the dangers of UV rays and the importance of sun protection. New opportunities abound for tech PR pros working with wearable technology with UV-sensing features to help wearers know when they are at risk for sunburn.

Fireworks. Naturally, Independence Day is the biggest stage there is for fireworks. Brands like Macy’s, which hosts the largest fireworks display in the country, as well as smaller communities and brand sponsors can use the moment to earn stories about pyrotechnics, from safety to the people behind the show.

Hot dogs. One specific brand wins the day on the Fourth, and that’s Nathan’s, of course. With its world-famous hot-dog-eating contest, PR and media relations pros have a juicy opportunity to push out angles relating to the spectacle in Coney Island, from publicity about participants and stories on logistics, to features about the world of competitive eating. Only on the Fourth.

Travel. Of course any summer holiday weekend is synonymous with summer vacation and travel. For many, that means increased interest in deals, points, mileage and other ways to be smarter about travel, and the Fourth is one of the biggest holidays. Travel PRs can offer tips or predictions from subject-matter experts, leveraging the opportunity to position them as industry leaders.

Pet care. Yes, for pet owners it’s well known that fireworks or explosions can send Fido into a tailspin, wreaking neighborhood havoc due to nonstop barking or howling. Pet care providers and advocates can get media mileage out of providing helpful dos and don’ts for celebrating the Fourth with pets, or pen a guest column of useful advice on keeping man’s best friend sane during the festivities.

Beer and cocktails. It’s our patriotic duty to celebrate on this day, so expect beer, wine, and beverage alcohol campaigns to pour it on! The holiday’s red, white and blue theme also offers a natural news hook for British brands, from airlines to ales, like Newcastle’s sly “Independence Eve” campaign of years past. Raise your glass to all creative PR endeavors for 2015!

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