Marijane Funess March 8, 2011 | 09:32:02

I Just Texted To Say "I Love You"

Did anyone call you to tell you about the devastating earthquake in Japan? More likely, they texted. Or posted on Facebook. Maybe you found out in something close to real time via Twitter.

Thoughtful posts that express sympathy and support in the wake of a tragedy are normal and welcome – particularly when they’re tied to fundraising, like Verizon’s free calling and donation program.  Yet, some things, in business anyway, are still best handled by an actual conversation. And here they are:

1)    You want to convey real enthusiasm or joy. You just landed your client a plum story want them to hear the excitement in your voice and vice-versa.

2)    You need to express genuine sadness. A colleague has experienced a loss – condolence calls are not good text fodder.

3)    An explanation is required. You’re ending a contract or changing someone’s role. You need this to be a real conversation, not an IM.

Has your voice-to-voice behavior changed? How do you communicate in the above situations? Skype? Direct-dial? An expanded library of emoticons?