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12 Days Of Christmas For The PR-Minded)

Fellow PR practitioners, clients, media, here are the famous gifts from the “12 Days of Christmas” song. If you actually received them, what creative things would you do with them?

Twelve drummers drumming: Since being ousted from Zuccotti Park, they could use some positive PR – how about tracking down some Occupiers and resurrecting the drumming thing for the holidays? News at 11!

Eleven pipers piping: Depending on what the pipers have in their pipes, could we not use them as spokespeople for the “legalize marijuana” initiative in New Jersey? I see a front page piece in the Star-Ledger.

Ten lords a-leaping: The arts are hurting, people! What say, our lords perform serious leaping to get attention and some donations for beloved arts institutions – can anyone say NPR story?

Nine ladies dancing: Envisioning a tie-in with the uber-popular “Dancing with the Stars”! Our nine ladies can be culled from deposed “Housewives” for extra buzz potential.

Eight maids a-milking: I propose swinging a spokes-maid deal with the Milk Board, Cabot Creamery, Borden or some other big dairy producer for a media tour complete with fabulous how-to demo on Martha Stewart!

Seven swans- a-swimming: Can you see the public service spot now? Swans a-Swimming Water Safety program with viral video campaign that just takes off all over YouTube!

Six geese a-laying: Geese almost had a moment when Bjork fashioned a faux one into a dress – maybe they could serve as Project Runway inspiration this year. “Make it work” indeed!

Five golden rings: Please let the creators of the awful “He went to Jared” commercials take advantage of fabulous creative we would develop with our simple and tasteful five golden rings campaign!

Four calling birds: As 4G becomes the standard with smartphones and other tech toys, how about the “Four Calling Birds” holiday ringtone?

Three French hens: French Hens would make a delightful holiday meal. Are you seeing a showdown by Top Chefs? Giada diLaurentiis putting an Italian spin on it for “Today”? Or Rachael Ray dumbing it down for the rest of us? So versatile!

Two turtle doves: Animal conservation is always hot. The most famous turtle doves could become the centerpiece of a dwindling bird population awareness initiative – add PETA to the mix for a little controversial PR!

And a partridge in a pear tree! Who needs Rockefeller Center? We craft a creative campaign to make the partridge in a pear tree the “fresh foliage” for holiday 2011 and do on-air “window walks” at the other morning shows. Maybe a multi-city SMT! The possibilities are endless.

Got any additional ways to “spin” the 12 days? Let us know here.

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