Marijane Funess May 8, 2014 | 06:48:39

Six Reasons Why You Want A Mom On Your PR Team

As Mother’s Day approaches and we get ready to celebrate the moms in our life for all they do to keep their families’ lives running smoothly, we thought it a good time to recognize the role their rare skill set plays in managing a PR program of any kind — B2B, consumer and everything in between. Here’s why:

Moms multitask. Really.  Everyone claims to be a great multitasker, but for most, it means toggling back and forth with nothing getting done very well or thoroughly. Not for moms. These women have had to manage needy infants, household demands and jobs where there’s little margin for error. They do it all!

Moms will come back there! If there’s bickering or in-fighting on your PR team, moms will not tolerate it. They’ll work diplomatically with you to solve the issue and strive to foster an atmosphere of convivial collaboration. They are the originators of the “family meeting,” after all.

Moms will turn this car around. If something isn’t working, moms won’t hesitate to put a new plan into action. Their keen sense of observation and “bullshit detectors” mean a sound, no-nonsense approach to solving any account concerns.

Moms aren’t “made of money”. Therefore, they will be great stewards of yours! Many moms are the “CFOs” of the household, used to budgeting and smart fiduciary planning.

Moms really do want the best for you. Most moms (and any parents) are rather selfless creatures. This ethos finds its way into work relationships as well.  A mom on your account means you and your business will be well-cared for, even nurtured.

But they will fight for their own.  Like the classic mother lion defending her brood, most moms are instinctively and often fiercely protective. You never want to cross a mom, after all!

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