Dorothy Crenshaw April 10, 2009 | 01:48:24

Getting The Twitter Religion

I was all set to blog about all the fun Passover action on social networking sites – the constant tweets and updates, the Facebook Haggadah, the Twitter widget for locating a seder in your zip code, when another holiday use of social networking caught my eye.

Trinity Wall Street Church in New York will “Twitter the Passion” by performing what it calls the first Passion Play performed through Twitter.  The Church invites a far-flung congregation to follow “a contemporary recreation of Christ’s passion” and be part of a global audience by following via cell phone, Blackberry, iPhone, or other web connection.  The content lasts for three hours and includes photos, Biblical passages, prayers, and music.   When I started this blog, there were under 75 followers for twspassionplay, but it’s now grown to over 300 and no doubt will pick up steam by Easter Sunday.

Great concept.  My Southern Baptist grandma is probably rolling in her grave, but, if some of us put our faith in social networking, why shouldn’t others use social networking to show faith?