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How Top PR Agencies Can Do Better B2B PR

PR professionals, do you resolve to keep your B2B PR clients relevant and interesting in 2014?  Have you gone over your strategy list and checked it twice? It’s important to stay newsworthy, while keeping client business goals top of mind. Here are some tips to improve your B2B PR campaigns in the new year.

Secure Strategic Alliances
A well planned partnership with a complementary, non-competing organization or company can benefit your client by adding “new” news, important borrowed interest and sometimes, a cost offset. For example, if your client is interested in sponsoring an industry event but isn’t necessarily a household name in the field, partner with an entity that is. The borrowed interest can help vault your client’s name to prominence, create exposure and keep you on budget.

Infographic Reboot
Infographics are a great tool for creating branded content for clients but often, brands operate on a “one and done” basis and move on the next great idea.  Consider having your client create an infographic that annualizes!  Create a listicle, poll or other way to meaningfully show a stat at the same time each year, building media anticipation.

During New York Fashion Week, we offered media an infographic generated by a digital marketing technology provider that generated a ton of coverage and interest from media. Along with traditional B2B PR strategies like bylines and speaking opportunities, the infographic created a lot of buzz around the client and promoted the company in the B2B and B2C realm despite being a data company. The infographic allowed the client to step out of the digital cloud and we’re already in the works for creating a 2014 version.

Own it!
Owned content in the form of research with some “sex appeal” is a good way to position your client as a thought leader in the industry.  Encourage your client to create a survey on a timely topic relative to the industry, or leverage public domain research in an interesting way and pitch it to media with a twist.  For a financial services client, we recently surveyed consumers asking how much they fib to their significant other when it comes to holiday spending and we’ve maintained a steady flow of interest and coverage from reporters at consumer, business and financial outlets.

Temperature Check
Remember, while implementing these new ideas it’s important to check in and communicate on a regular basis with the client to ensure that their business goals are being reached and the messages are in line with a changing industry landscape.

PR professionals are the stewards of any B2B client’s image.  Always be looking for ways to burnish and safeguard it.

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