Marijane Funess July 22, 2014 | 09:56:20

A Journalist’s View: 3 Questions From A PR Pro

This week we have a conversation about PR with Lauren Gordon, “Entertain” editor at The Daily Meal. If you aren’t familiar with this heavenly food website, it’s an encyclopedia of culinary content that is beautifully photographed and easily “digestible.” The Philadelphia native graduated from Temple University’s School of Communications and Theater in 2010 with a focus in Magazine

Journalism and began her career as Assistant Editor of Philadelphia RowHome Magazine. Gordon says that writing is her first passion and food is a close second. We recently asked her the following questions:

What is the biggest misconception about food editors? I’d say the biggest misconception is that we are all experts in all areas. I am the Entertain Editor at The Daily Meal, so my focus is mostly on holidays (not PR holidays she adds), entertaining, social and celebrities. I often get pitches for random cookware that doesn’t pertain to a host and some cookbooks that are too niche for my channel’s audience. Generally speaking we all operate under the notion of “if it is about food, we’ll cover it,” but it is best to target the right editors for the right products.

Want to impress? Send us____ Booze! I’m kidding (kinda). While booze never hurts, we really like it when you send us new food to try, especially if it is shareable with the whole office!

Nicest thing a PR pro has done for me. This is a tough one. While the dinners and freebies are nice,  I think the nicest thing that a PR person has done is kept me in mind for a scoop first. If we can be valuable to each other in a way that is ethical and beneficial for our publication and your PR firm, that is a great gift!
Another thing to know about Gordon is that she is very open to creative suggestions for stories, regular guest posts, etc. especially when they show intimate familiarity with the site.

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