Michelle Han April 29, 2015 | 12:05:45

Making the Case for Robotics in America

Working with one of our newest clients, Five Elements Robotics, we recently placed this bylined piece in Enterpreneur on why America needs to join the global trend toward embracing robotics as a normal part of life.

With our assistance, Wendy Roberts, Five Elements CEO, makes the case that robots are the way of the future. They will help us care for the elderly and provide a boost to our manufacturing economy — if Americans can embrace robots as a part of culture in the same ways tech-savvy nations like Japan and South Korea have.

Other countries are ahead on the “robot-acceptance” curve. The country that gave the world Apple and Amazon is woefully out of step in acceptance of personal robots as a normal part of culture. We just aren’t “mentally ready” for in-home robots the way other countries are… As a society we need to overcome the cultural hurdles that prevent us from taking full advantage of the promises of robot technology.

Check out the full article on Entrepreneur.com here!