Michelle Han

Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl • July 26, 2016

6 Ways PR Is Using Snapchat

As a field full of creatives and forward thinkers, it’s no wonder tech and consumer public relations agencies have embraced newer social media platforms. Snapchat, the platform best known for sharing disappearing images, has become a social media giant since its founding four years ago. A favorite among millennials, Snapchat boasts 150 million daily users by […]

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Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl • July 19, 2016

7 Tips For Curating The Best PR Content

It’s no secret content is king when it comes to PR campaigns, but what are the basic rules for curating a body of content that will have the most impact on your business or brand? Curated content can include original content — written and visual pieces created by you — contributed pieces, or, most commonly, content […]

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Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, public relations • July 12, 2016

5 Ways To Keep Your PR Cool

The summer heat here in the Northeast has us thinking about the instances when it’s crucial to keep your PR cool. The scenarios are numerous — it could be in the midst of a live TV segment that’s going awry, a much-anticipated launch event where things aren’t working out the way you planned, or any […]

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Crenshaw Communications, PR Fish Bowl, public relations • July 5, 2016

7 Bad PR Habits To Break Right Now

It’s a cliché that the public relations relations business needs better PR for itself, but did you ever wonder why it suffers from an image problem? Sometimes it’s due to the bad habits of those who practice PR. Every profession has its share of negative stereotypes; some are lighthearted, some have an ounce of truth […]

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Crenshaw Communications, media relations, PR Fish Bowl • June 28, 2016

7 Pitching Tips For Better Tech PR

Earning coverage in the top-tier tech press is a mainstay for any technology PR program, whether your brand deals in consumer tech or B2B services. Universal pitching rules apply here, but a few twists are in order when it comes to getting out technology news. In some ways, pitching tech is more straightforward than working […]

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