Marijane Funess March 28, 2014 | 08:58:27

Why You Need To Hire A PR Firm Now

Even if your hot ad/tech business isn’t being acquired today for millions of dollars or you aren’t quite ready to launch your latest sure-to-wow consumer product, you may still need to consider professional PR counsel for your company. Here are some good reasons why:

You are being left out of a story right now. Without a dedicated PR team representing your interests with vigilance, that next round-up story on your industry’s products, or leaders or POV will occur without you.

It’s a whole new media world. And who has time for that with running a business and managing employees, etc? A professional PR firm is up on trends like native advertising and the latest blogger campaigns as well as the art of traditional story placement and selling in a byline article. Media contacts come and go, as do outlets, and the best PR pros know this world inside and out.

Writing for PR is an art and a science. Just like a book publisher choosing the most compelling fiction “pitch”, the editor of a top site or magazine is looking for the most compelling, intriguing communiques, summing up a client story that begs for a deeper look. You need agency representation dedicated to understanding your messages, crafting story angles and communicating them in a way that works to pique media interest.

In the event of a reputation threat. You want to be prepared for anything. Does your company have an up-to-date crisis plan? Was it vetted by a PR practitioner? Based on historical crises large and small, industry experts agree that a team with relevant experience is invaluable to your organization in the event your brand is subject to negative coverage or criticism.

“I’ll just have my intern handle social media” doesn’t cut it. Sure, your college intern will know the mechanics of posting to Facebook and tweeting, but would you want to give such an important task as content development to someone who doesn’t thoroughly understand your business, your positioning and your company “voice?” Using social media successfully takes a combination of pop culture and industry savvy, strategic know-how, research, and understanding of each platform’s role in promoting your business. Leave this work to a professional!

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