Marijane Funess March 14, 2014 | 05:50:41

Put Your Best (PR) Face Forward

Do PR agency pros and their clients have something to learn from Pope Francis on his one-year anniversary? According to veteran papal watcher and professor Father John Wauck, perhaps so. “Francis is…a transparently happy person,” Wauck says. “And it sounds really simplistic, but unfeigned happiness on the part of a public figure is not that common.”

Unfeigned happiness. Authentic joy. These emotions can go a long way toward doing better client work, fostering better PR agency team relationships and exuding real enthusiasm when pitching media or new business.

In the “real world” of a fast-moving PR agency with crazy deadlines, “moving target” client deliverables and other vagaries of servicing PR accounts, it is perhaps difficult to find something in your work that helps create unfeigned happiness.

If you’re having trouble doing so, here are some ways to find and unlock some joy and happiness.

Review your successes. If you haven’t saved every praiseworthy email you’ve received, start now! Look at some previous campaign results reports as well. On a less-than-great day remind yourself how highly others think of you and what consistently good work you produce.

Look at a cat video. Or the funny video of your choice. Don’t go crazy, but look at some humorous gifs and give yourself a good laugh. Take a few moments to find the funny in even the most seriouse client situations.

Get out. According to a recent survey, only one in three American workers take a lunch break — leaving 65 percent of employees to either eat at their desks or not eat at all. Be sure to walk to where you are going (yes that means you too, frigid northeasterners).

Do something unexpectedly nice. Random act of kindness, anyone? Our client Edible Arrangements found recently that of people surveyed, over 80% found that giving increased their happiness, with nearly half calling themselves “much happier” as a result of giving. Pitch in on account work other than your own, offer to get a co-worker coffee or an afternoon snack and see if you feel the joy.

Declutter. Tossing piles of paper, deleting dozens of useless old files and contacts and generally sprucing your surroundings will really put a spring in your step. You will operate more efficiently when you have less “stuff.” Celebrate and buy something fun to decorate your office. Here are some brilliant ideas from online art client UGallery.

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