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Merry Mad Libs 2012

The Global Language Monitor has released its annual list of the Top Words of the year.
“’Apocalypse’ tops the list. Armageddon, and similar terms reflect a growing fascination with various ‘end-of-the-world’ scenarios,” said Paul JJ Payack, President of the Global Language Monitor. In fact the list is chock-a-block with some scary terms!

Once again, with apologies to Mad Libs , we have created a press release template where you can use some of the most interesting of the top words. Please enjoy it and feel free to adapt for any of your clients. Think of the SEO possibilities!
1. Fiscal Cliff
2. apocalypse
3. Frankenstorm
4. omnishambles
5. obesogenic
6. memes
7. phobes
8. the 47
10. adorkable

The End of the World as We NO it?
World Celebrations Mark No “(noun) Now”

Partying like it could have been its last, the world over issues a collective (noun/acronym)

December, 2012 – – Despite dire predictions, the world did not come to an end! This turn of good fortune in a year that saw too much tragedy has prompted an outpouring of positive good will and festive good times.
According to international cultural anthropologist Wanda Rallover, “It is collective human nature, even in times of despair and with an overwhelming sense of various different (plural noun) occurring all over the world, the spirit is unbroken.”
This unbroken spirit has been evidenced far and wide.
Tri-state area – Although the freakish (Proper noun) Sandy wreaked unparalleled havoc, people remain buoyed and helpful towards neighbors and perfect strangers alike, bringing holiday cheer to entire affected communities.
Silicon Valley – In the heart of technology, innovation and (adjective) self-proclaimed nerds, rational thought prevailed when the Tech Museum in the valley announced the opening of a Mayan-themed exhibit…on December 21.
New York City – Even with the mayor’s ongoing battle against sugary sodas and (adjective) fattening foods, on this New Year’s Eve, the city needs some comfort food! One hopes Mayor Mike will retain his sense of humor about it as he has done in relation to his Spanish-language skills as evidenced by the slew of popular parody (plural noun) circulating online.
Washington DC – Yes, there is financial fear and loathing that we have not solved the potentially devastating (adjective/noun.) The President is listening to (number) Mitt Romney’s ”percentage of Americans who pay no Federal taxes” and cutting his Hawaiian vacation short to come home and tackle it. The (plural noun) on the other side of this debate need to do the same!
Have you used all ten words? Have fun and let us know any of your own personal best-liked (or most disliked) words of 2012.

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