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Ode To My PR Office

Office, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Each morning I come into my own space ready to create something new on behalf of a client or for our company.  Like anyone, I make my space my own and draw upon certain things for inspiration and to help me through my day. Some are totems since the dawn of office-time and others are fairly recent additions.

Let me take you through my office must-haves:

1)      Awesome pens. I cannot create without an arsenal of colored Pilot G-2 07 pens. They are smooth and make your writing very neat. They are terrific for note-taking and make me feel artistic.

2)      Scratch paper. Waste not, want not. I cannot throw away paper that is only used on one side. Therefore, I have a whole drawer of “used” yet brilliantly white paper that I recycle and use for note-taking and feel very good about.

3)      Coffee filters. If there is a more utilitarian item in an office, I don’t know about it. They can be used as: napkins, paper towels, plates, servers of microwave popcorn and, oh yes, coffee filters. I could go on.


4)      Gum. Nothing stimulates creativity better than gum. Chew. Think. Chew. Think. Currently I am a fan of Extra Dessert Delights Mint Chocolate Chip, which by now you have surmised is both a dessert and a delight (and sugar-free)

5)      PostIts with funny sayings. “All this and a paycheck too..” and other witticisms can brighten your day and your recipient’s too, especially when the note asks for a favor or delivers less than terrific news.

Well, these are all the things I have to have to keep me whistling a happy tune at my desk, what about you?

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