Marijane Funess May 6, 2011 | 01:28:13

@#$% Our Mothers Say

It’s been a big week for world news, and as we slow down to celebrate Mother’s Day I have collected some “mom-isms.” At first glance, the wisdom may seem dated and quaint, but some aphorisms are worth a second look.

So, before you decide whether you’re going to see the latest Kate Hudson movie or debate the week’s Idol castoff, pause and reflect on some sage advice from the original expert – mom.

“You be the good one.” My mother preaches this philosophy when one feels blamed or wronged. When this happens, try to be the sane, rational party. While I applied it to high school relationships, there is a business context.  A client/media contact/co-worker/boss has flown off the handle over a seemingly innocuous offense. Do not embrace the crazy with them! Take a deep breath, sleep on your response and be the better person.

“When someone laughs at you, laugh with them.” From fitness pro Denise Austin’s mom Rita, the way to deflect criticism and deflate hurtful taunts. In the business world, it translates to “don’t take yourself so seriously.” Be prepared for an idea you love to tank in a brainstorm. Be prepared for a bigger ego than yours to reject a suggestion, or even take credit for it! Take these incidents in stride and show resilience by coming right back.

“They didn’t get this way because of you.” What my mother is saying here is, you cannot change people. Don’t take someone’s gruff or dismissive style personally. Instead, in business, adapt a little to that person’s style when interacting. Sometimes the best way to effect a change is to change a bit yourself.

“Think before you speak.” This one’s on nearly everyone’s list. All you need to do is substitute verbs like “post,” “tweet,” or “send” for “speak” and you’ve got a mantra for the digital age.

I’m sure you have a favorite quote of your mother’s. Send them our way. Doesn’t mom still know best?

One thought on “@#$% Our Mothers Say

  1. “I’ll give you something to cry about”… in other words, stop complaining and find a solution that does not involve arbitration (me)…that’s why I hired you (how I raised you). I’ll step in where absolutely necessary but this one is up to you.

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