Marijane Funess June 15, 2012 | 11:27:16

PR Agency Job Titles We’d Like To See

A recent post by journalist David Henderson posited that PR agency folk, famous for creating highfalutin’ titles, or “uptitling,” are actually running out of original (read: crazy) job names for employees. I mean, where do you go after “Director and Media Strategist, Global Consumer and Brand Marketing Practice,” for example? And is it vastly different from being “Executive Vice President/Global Strategy and Insight?” Whew, I’m tired just saying the titles, let alone knowing what they actually mean.
These flagrant examples of “title-fluffing” sent me on a search for interesting job titles in other industries and I found some that I believe better capture what many agency people really do.

Head Worm Wrangler.  Kind of requires no explanation! In actuality, a worm wrangler is part of a “vermicomposting” operation – an ecologically sound waste disposal service using worms to do the work.

Director of Chaos.  Ever been part of a new business team on deadline? Every agency could use an expert in this field. A beer brewer claims to employ one.

Remedy Engineer.  Nice way to describe a “crisis counselor” in PR parlance but it actually refers to civil and environmental engineering.

Overseer of Order.  An individual with this title would come in handy at major events or during a client or employee meltdown of some kind. Right now it belongs to a professional organizer, of course!

Director of First Impressions.  Aren’t we all? I love that this is a title bestowed upon an office receptionist!

Finally, one of my favorites has to be the Snooze Director at Sleepy’s (the mattress retailer) especially since we created it and helped fill the job. Alas, in the always-antic agency world, I don’t know that we will ever see anyone with that moniker! Any favorite titles you would like to share?

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