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This Thanksgiving PR Pros Are Thankful For…

By guest blogger Sodelba Alfaro

This time of year, we are all thankful for the usual blessings of family, friends, rewarding work and good health. This year however, many of us are grateful we survived both Hurricane Sandy and the November elections. But on a lighter note, our team wanted to use the occasion to reflect on some things that only PR pros may be thankful for. Take a look, give us your thoughts and enjoy next week’s holiday.

Monitoring Services – Services like TVEyes and Factiva monitor for broadcast and print media outlets. Thousands of interns in PR can thank these services for making a grueling task a lot easier.

Social Media – Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are places we spend time anyway – it’s a bonus that they have become such essential tools for brands to reach their consumers. (also quite handy for stalking media contacts and to find the latest cat meme. )

Clients – In addition to being the lifeblood of any agency – clients allow PR pros to master multitasking, hone diplomatic skills, flourish creatively and learn valuable “teamwork” lessons.

Co-workers – Allied co-workers are key to creating successful PR initiatives and they’ve got your back!

Smartphones – Smartphones help PR pros find directions to client meetings and allow us to answer important emails at 3:00am.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a great source for keeping tabs on media contacts, competitors, former bosses and colleagues etc., while also keeping you updated with their career moves.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) – VPN computing allows PR pros to work from home in a crisis or just an average night, and allows us to create and report remotely.

Coffee – Coffee is the fuel that keeps PR pros going from early morning conference calls to late night networking mixers. How could we work without our double shot espressos and tall skinny vanilla lattes?

There are many things we can be thankful for but that is our short list. What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?

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