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What Are Your Plans For Doomsday?

Here we go again – the world is ending tomorrow and, surprisingly, a lot of people believe it.  Throughout history, there has been an obsession with predicting the day on which God will unleash his wrath upon us humans and wipe us off the face of the Earth. For example, though Nostradamus predicted life-shattering events that never happened, there are many who still believe in him.

Today, we have Harold Camping, a preacher from California who started the rumor that on May 21, 2011, Doomsday (or as he put it, “Judgment Day”) will begin very conveniently at 6PM local time for each time zone around the world. I’d like to point out that his track record is not very good, either, because he predicted the same thing in 1994.

But just for fun – what would you do if tomorrow was Doomsday? I decided to ask my colleges and aside from the sappy “I’ll call my family” answers, there were a few really good ones.

“I’ll eat cupcakes all day long.” – Dorothy has the right ideas!
“I’ll stick to my original plans, I’m flying tomorrow.” – In case you didn’t know, Liz is an Air Force superhero.
“I would schedule all my household chores and errands for Sunday!” – Doug’s Sunday will not be a fun one.
“I’m still running the half marathon and then going out for drinks.” – No surprises from Sarah
“Maybe I’ll finally watch Forrest Gump?” – Really, Danielle?!
“I don’t know, but I’m scared!” – Aw, Briana! It’s going to be O.K.

2 thoughts on “What Are Your Plans For Doomsday?

  1. I’ll go for a walk in Central Park… and then check out a nearby restaurant I’ve been meaning to try!

  2. We’re having a doomsday party with some dear friends and our children. If we’re gonna go down, we’re gonna go down with a party!

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