Marijane Funess December 7, 2012 | 11:38:42

What PR Pros Want For The Holidays

No matter whether you’re too old to write to Santa, celebrate something completely different or just want world peace, pretend someone could give you some gifts to make you better at your job or to make your job easier, what would be on that list? We took a crack at it.

The computer program (that I like to think we may have someday) which spins media pitch letter gold from the client facts you input complete with pithy language and perfect punctuation.

Is there anything better than hijacking a holiday for publicity gain? With Have-a-Holiday, you needn’t wait for “National Pound Cake Day” or “Buzzard Day” (really, that exists) Conveniently turn any day into the day YOU need to publicize some important client messaging.

Proposal Wizard
Not that your agency ever writes anything “off the shelf” but wouldn’t it be swell if you could take your brilliant strategy and a program could whip out some tactics, news bureau description, budgeting and some of the other more mundane aspects of proposal writing, leaving your team to dream up all the creative ways to tell your client’s story?

Meeting Clone
And its companion product, Conference Call Clone for those of us who just have too many meetings to attend!

But let’s not forget what the holidays are truly about, tis better to give than receive after all, so how about giving something tangible and helpful to the PR colleagues in your life?

Give an associate a pat on the back, a thorough review of whatever it is that they just emailed you; constructive criticism on a pitch letter or blog post; timely turnaround on that thing that they just emailed you and support when they are going through a rough patch with a project. Now those are some gifts that can make the job easier!

Got any other suggestions to share?

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