Marijane Funess March 25, 2011 | 09:52:13

What’s Your "Limitless"Fantasy?

In Limitless, the new movie starring Bradley Cooper, a top-secret “smart drug” enables him to use 100% of his brain and become a perfect version of himself.  Soon our protagonist can recall everything he has ever read, seen or heard, learn any language in a day, comprehend complex equations and beguile anyone he meets—as long as he keeps taking the untested drug.

Of course this becomes messy and scary, but it got me wondering what the professional equivalent might be for our business. What if a PR pro could work some mind magic? Here are some of the tricks I’d like to try.

  1. Read the minds of client prospects to know what they really when they say things like, “…chemistry will determine,” or “we really have no set budget in mind.”
  2. Predict which start-up companies will flourish and which will flounder.
  3. Have my finger on the pulse of the next great trend so I can align clients with it before it goes viral.
  4. Harness the full capacity of my right-brain, creative thinking self to dream up extraordinary ideas for client programs without breaking a sweat.
  5. Never have to take a note, digital or otherwise, after a client meeting, presentation, or seminar.

What would you use your professional miracle drug to accomplish?

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