Marijane Funess February 10, 2012 | 10:40:52

TGIF: @#$% That Clients Say

This week New York Magazine reported on the “most- and least-critically acclaimed “@#$% People Say” videos on YouTube. Apparently, the category for things that “girls” say has the highest number of “likes.”

Well, if you’re in the PR industry, I think you might find some of the choice comments made by your clients would earn more “likes,” or at least some curiosity. Here are a few of our favorites:

1.  “So, this will make CNN, right?”

2.  “I love the idea, but it needs something. I’m not sure what, but I’ll know it when I see it.”

3.  “I’m looking for a firm to grow with me.”

4.  “Can you resend that again?”

5.  “I need a press release to drive lots of traffic to the website.”

6.  “Don’t write a program. Just give me an idea of how you’d approach it.”

7.  “Budget? There’s no budget. But for the right idea, we’ll try to find it.”

8.  “I need to double my Facebook followers by next month.”

9.  “Did you tell the reporter we advertise with them?”

10. “Steve Jobs was on the cover of TIME.  Can we get our CEO there?”

And the list goes on and on… What are your favorites?

One thought on “TGIF: @#$% That Clients Say

  1. Very cute! I always appreciate the…”well that article was nice, but we didn’t see any sales as a result of it.”

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