Marijane Funess May 27, 2011 | 12:36:57

Three-Day Weekend With A Twist

Make this Memorial Day memorable.  According to vacations are important for more than just fun.  They help promote creativity, stave off burnout, keep us healthy, and promote overall wellbeing.

So this Memorial Day avert the ordinary and take the road(s) less traveled.

Embrace the odd. America is full of unique Americana. For example did you know Boston is home to the Museum of Bad Art? Have a hankering for chocolate shaped body parts? Muellers Chocolates in Philadelphia is a must-stop for you.  And if you are traveling to Florida for the long weekend and like chicken, have they got a store for you, all things chicken all the time at The Chicken Store.

Staycations stay popular. This holiday weekend make your house more like a hotel.  Here’s how.  Love a spa day at a hotel why not bring the experience home with a relaxing in-home spa treatment. Cherish the alone time while your kids go crazy in a video game truck parked outside your house. Top it off with “room service” by way of a personal chef and voila, vacation!

Take a walk on the wild side. Seriously, walk this weekend. There are dozens of wonderful walks in every city. Did you know that Central Park offers no less than ten different walking tours, all free?  Not wild enough for you, try the Chelsea Nightclub Tour. Every city has a spooky tour of some kind. Nearby try the New York City Ghost tour or Weird New Jersey or Haunted Staten Island.

Whatever you do this holiday weekend, try to take a moment to remember why we take Monday off. Check your local papers for parades and activities to honor local heroes.

This is just the beginning of wonderful summer weekends.  What are some of the more unusual ways you spend them?

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