Marijane Funess May 29, 2012 | 02:44:06

Nudging New Business Along

This week our agency is putting finishing touches on an RFP that might never have been offered to us if we hadn’t been stoking the fires of a relationship for some time. We are also having an exploratory call with a potential client on whose radar we might never have been, if we hadn’t pursued the prospect in tactful, yet dogged ways. Here are some of the tips we employ for nudging new business along.

Drop names. Probably the easiest way “in” is through a name you both know. It’s the “linked in” concept writ small. Whatever contact you have in common, be it a client name, a personal or business associate, use it to get a foot in the door.

Brag. Send along your most recent and fabulous results for a relevant client. Don’t be shy.

Make the most of each contact.  If an introductory note about you and your company doesn’t go anywhere, be sure to leave the door open for future outreach. Ask for their response to a question so that they have a reason to write back. End each note or conversation with a firm timeframe when they can expect to hear from you again.

Get personal.  So you read on Facebook that the contact is a cycling enthusiast – attach an article or, you know that he or she just got the job they are in – send a modest congratulatory gift.

Be memorable. Send some correspondence through the U.S. Mail, what a novelty! Include something creative with your company name and theirs and make it useful so it doesn’t get thrown away.

Always try to get a meeting. Repeat, always try to get a meeting. Everything changes when you meet someone in person, usually for the better.

Are you feeling pumped to go after your “dream client?” What else do you do to nudge new business along?

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