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Crafting Better New Business Proposals

New business is the lifeblood of any PR agency. Often, your written proposal is your strongest selling piece, particularly in a competitive situation. What goes into writing a winning proposal? In addition to the obvious: define the client objectives, target audience, develop a strategy and create tactics, here are some tips to make your proposal pop.

Knowledge is power

All good proposals begin with in-depth research into the client, the category , the competitors and the media. Take this one step further and research the viability of your concepts – has your “big idea” just been implemented by a rival? Can you find a case history that supports one tactic you are pushing for? The more you know, the more you can exude confidence in your presentation and your creative ideas.

Group Mentality

We all know that you can’t be truly creative in a vacuum, but there isn’t always time for a formal brainstorm with colleagues. If you can’t conduct a group brainstorm, send around an email of some thoughts so your clever co-workers can chime in.

Delegating and Deadlines

Do both. A proposal can come alive when different brains take a hand in the writing. But don’t let the process overwhelm, work backwards from the proposal due date, building in adequate time for brainstorms and re-writes and make dates you can stick to.

Promise but Not Over-Promise

Set both achievable and “stretch” goals for the client should they hire you and implement your program ideas. Put real thought into what is achievable and how to get to the more “aspirational” goals you have set. This explanation will help the client best evaluate your work.
What made your last proposal a “winner?” Share here please!

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