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So You Want to Work in Luxury Goods PR

by guest blogger sodelba alfaro
So You Want to Work in Luxury Goods PR

Although it would seem counter-intuitive, now is actually a good time to be handling PR for a luxury brand. Fueled by increasing demand in China, luxury goods makers are resisting the global economic slowdown and gaining large profits with the sales of high-end handbags, expensive watches, and fancy cars, among other items.

Results for the first half of 2012 released this week indicated that leading high-end brands had rising profits driven by growing sales in emerging markets.  As the audience for luxury goods and services shifts, it is up to marketers to keep finding meaningful ways to keep their products on the high-end radar.   Below are some tips for succeeding in the luxury goods PR market.

Who are the “luxe lovers?”
Whom do you perceive your customers to be? How have you identified those that will purchase offerings from your luxury brand? It is very important that you use only media outlets that will help you to connect with the target audience you seek.

The power of plus
Just as in traditional PR, increase your client’s brand strength by forming strategic alliances with other luxury brands that add value. Here, one plus one can equal three. Partnering with celebrities and charity causes is also an excellent opportunity to promote brand awareness.

Blog now
Encourage your client to create (or augment an existing) blog showcasing knowledge about the luxury market and where the brand fits. Keep the brand mentions subtle but connect with customers by promoting industry happenings, offering style tips and giving an insider perspective of the “luxury life.”

Use the new to emphasize the old
Many luxury brands have rich traditions to promote and social media can dynamically show off a quality pedigree. Recently, on its Facebook brand page, luxury watch maker Patek Philippe boasted that in 1851, England’s Queen Victoria was the first royal to wear a Patek Philippe & Company watch.  Next to the post is a portrait photo of Queen Elizabeth today, clearly sporting a Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse.

What’s your favorite luxury product campaign?

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