Marijane Funess November 22, 2011 | 09:00:43

Top Ten Gifts PR Pros Are Thankful For

10. TweetReach, Compete, TV Eyes: services which have our admiration

9. Mommy bloggers: who “get” our pitches and understand collaboration

8. Never again hearing a client ask “When will Oprah have me as a guest?”

7. Gayle King on the Early Show where there just might be hope for that request

6. The enduring power of social media to help with contact “stalking”

5. Clients who appreciate creative ideas and say “yes” without balking

4. Intrepid business start-ups in this precarious economy

3. Political gaffes on both sides –blog fodder – and it’s free!

2. Co-workers and allies who support you through the good and bad

1. Anyone who knows (its true!) a press release is not an ad!

Anything in the workplace that you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving?

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