Marijane Funess February 19, 2013 | 12:41:42

What PR People Really Do All Day

PR pros have several “products” – creative brain power, smart strategy and arms and legs to implement. This all translates to how practitioners spend their TIME – the agency world’s key to billability.

Understanding exactly what a PR agency team truly does throughout the day enables account managers to see if an account is running smoothly, if the right number of resources are being allocated and if a course correction is necessary.

Here’s a break-down of how some workdays are spent at Crenshaw Communications:

Media monitoring. For many clients, the day begins by preparing a digest of top news for both the company and the greater industry, highlighting any media coverage secured for the client. Thorough media monitoring provides topline news for both client and agency but also offers “thought-starters” for new media pitches and valuable media contacts.

Media pitching and more media pitching. Strategizing on what and how to pitch client stories to the press is the lifeblood of many accounts. It is the team’s job to write compelling pitches, curate the most targeted list, follow up and connect reporters with client spokespeople. This can often take up most of the day!

Writing/editing. Being creative is a big part of a public relations professional’s job. Sure, we write and edit news releases and pitches, but it doesn’t stop there; we also draft plans, write client memos, create Facebook posts, tweets, and blog posts.

Meetings/calls. Structured weekly calls with clients, in-person monthly meetings and internal planning sessions are crucial to smooth-running accounts. Clear, consistent communication promotes adherence to a plan of action for the coming week.
How does your day break down? Let us know!

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